Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Some of my recent creations

Matching dresses for the granddaughters. (they look a lot better with shirts underneath)

Janie's birthday cake

And of course, technically, these are my creations too


So when it comes to taking pictures, I'm very fired. I have a great digital camera, I am very good at remembering to bring it with me but not so good at taking it out and getting pictures. We recently spent a week in California, we went to the beach several times, Disneyland, Six Flags, the pool, and we had lots of hanging out with Benjamin's family. Guess how many pictures Christina took the whole vacation? 5. That's right. Luckily, my sister was with us most of the time and she got a lot more pictures than I did. Hopefully, I will get them from her sometime. Below is one of the pictures of Janie in toon town.

Also, we've been trying to get a family picture with all of us and this I'm pretty sure this is the first picture of all of us.
Nice huh