Wednesday, January 19, 2011

a walker and a singer

On Sunday, she just decided to take off across the room

Singing her favorite song

Monday, January 10, 2011


My daughter has a new favorite book, it's called Pinkalicious, it's about a girl who loves pink, eats tons of pink cupcakes and turns pink. Thanks to aunt Heather who gave it to her for Christmas. (it does come in handy to be related to a librarian.) I decided for fun we would make pink cupcakes. The pink food coloring I have is very pink, very exciting.

Here are the girls as we were mixing things together.
(also fingerpainting, not such a hit)
Typically, Janie only wanted to look at the pictures on the camera, not smile for them.

While we were making them Janie asked if Daddy was going to tell her she had had enough. (Also part of the book) I told her we'd have to ask Dad later and see, he of course was obliging.

I only had a few paper liners so I decided I would just liberally grease the pan for all of them, since I was getting the pan dirty anyway. Mistake. They all stuck to the bottom of the pan. I tried to be careful and cut them out with a knife but they completely broke apart. Luckily, I have some plastic containers about that size, so I stuffed all the broken stuff inside and set the rest on top. Some of them turned out ok looking, I made pink sugar and dusted the top with it. A few were just crumbled cake with lumps of frosting mixed in.

Also part of the book, the girl puts on a pink fairy princess dress, Janie mentioned putting hers on and I thought about it but didn't do anything. Fortunately, (or not depending on how you look at things) she peed her pants in the middle of everything and had to change all of her clothes, so I put on her pink dress.

Did I mention that I don't actually even eat cupcakes anymore? So I only made six, (luckily because they sort of bombed) but it turned out to be pretty fun anyway, at least I feel like a good mom for being crafty and stuff, and including my kids.

Also, there's not much chance of Janie turning pink herself, because she only licked the frosting off the top. I admit to doing the same thing myself and leaving the cupcake part for my husband. (I know, I know, no cupcakes but frosting is okay?) Next time I guess we should skip the whole cupcake thing and go strait for the frosting.