Thursday, August 21, 2014

The time I cut my own hair...

So my sister says to me, "will you cut my hair?"
Do I have any hair cutting experience?  Not beyond cutting my girls hair, which I don't think counts.
She's crazy. So of course I look into how hard it would be and decide, "Sure I'll cut your hair."
Might as well cut mine first though.

I found several tutorials online about how to do it.
I first put it in a high pony tail, and cut.

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I hate going to get my hair cut and have been putting it off for months now.


Here's my pony tail

Making the scary first cut

The end result of the first cut. I evened it up a bit and took
 more off the longest parts and then forgot to take more pictures.

The next day with my hair actually done. Sorry, baby in the selfie.
Long layers and a trim, just what I was wanting.

More to come on my sister's hair, it's for her ComicCon costume!

The baby sleeps in a suitcase

The porta-crib was too big and too far away. I wanted something small and right next to the bed so this is what I came up with...

Happy 30

(Didn't actually get this posted til a year and a half later)

I turned 30 years old this week. I feel pretty young.

The day began badly, waay too early, but it ended well with dinner with my family, flowers and Girl Scout cookies (samoas naturally). And lots of people love me, I had lots of calls and texts, thanks to everyone.

Funny things said to me on my birthday. (Yelled) "I want you to die!!  And "it's not your birthday tomorrow!"