Monday, April 13, 2015

Easter Break

  A few of our Easter Break wanderings. We were lucky to have my parents and sister come visit us, we were all thoroughly spoiled. 

British Library

British Museum

National Gallery/Van Gogh

M & M Store

Cinderella Exhibit, with dresses worn in the film

The glass slipper (crystal, very sparkly)

Buckingham Palace

What we mostly saw

Lots of this

In front of Buckingham Palace

Big Ben, Little Ben

Westminster Abbey ( very fun kids trail, huge gold/chocolate
coins were their prize at the end)

Anyone listening to conference might remember the reference to martyrs
at Westminster Abbey? We were just there.

Princesses at Hampton Court Palace

Fountains-Hampton Court

Mom and Dad-Hampton Court Gardens

Got some great ideas for their backyard

We're having a sculpture comissioned

Waterfall near Tarn Hows in the Lake District

Edinburgh Castle

At Edinburgh Castle

Look! He's out of the stroller.

Ben as a Scotsman

My handmade souvenir, a pendant with watch parts.

The North Sea

The one patch of sand at North Sea

Durham Cathedral

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